Mel Gibson will shoot a movie about Ivailo near Varna

  • 26 септември 2017, 19:04
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Mel gibson

It has a big chance the legendary actor and director Mel Gibson to shoot a movie in Bulgaria, said the businessman Ivelin Mihailov.

Mihailov revealed that they have begun negotiations with the cinematic star of "Bold Heart" for the realization of a film related to Bulgarian history. Most likely, the topic will be related to Ivailo, also called the King of the Village.

"There is some analogy with his character of "Bold Heart", but he unlike Ivailo, fails to become a king", explained the ambitious businessman.

The tape will be filmed in the historic park that the man is currently building near Varna. Mihailov is categorical that this will be the largest park of its kind in the world - it will be located on an area of ​​130 decares. It will chronologically recreate different epochs from the development of human civilization that have left a mark on bulgarian lands, but it will also offer themed attractions, combined with dining, recreation and various entertainment activities.

"16 of the Roman emperors were Thracians or people are born in our lands. We will start from there. Still from our ancient history. Then we will continue with Thracian history, because Spartacus, Orpheus are world-class heroes. But few people in the world, even a few Bulgarians know that Spartak's root is in our lands.", he says.

Visitors to the Historic Park will have the opportunity to write a Cyrillic message for a loved one on lambskin, to practice some of the crafts of the past, and to try organic food - the kind that Bulgarians have fed before.

The park is expected to be ready within one year.