Old school building near Kardzhali dam to be sold for 13 grand

  • 20 октомври 2017, 12:15
  • Default profile Автор Kmeta.bg

The building that hosted a former school was put up for sale and many entrepreneurs already have plans for reconstruction and developing.

“The building of the former school will be sold”, said from Kardzhali Municipality. It is a one-floor building, with space build to be a wine celler, on 289sq.m. It stands on an unregulated parcel of land of 2842sq.m. Its market value is estimated at 13 130BGN, without VAT, confirm from 24rodopi.com. The sale will be at a public auction with covert bidding.

“This parcel is great for investment to be turned to a villa or a hotel… The view of the dam is gorgeous, far from the concrete of Glavatartsi. The environment here is untouched. There are small bays on both sides of the village which makes the place unique”, commented a Kardzhali construction entrepreneur for 24rodopi.com, who is going to take part in the auction. 

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