Spaniard fills potholes in a bulgarian village

  • 20 март 2017, 13:38
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It has been 12 years since Oscar from Catalonia first came and settled in the bulgarian village Zavoi, located in Tundja municipality. The spaniard has quickly learned the language and got used to it. But he couldn’t get used to the way things are done around here.

“Since I’m here, I’m seeing misery all over - potholes, mud - everything is abandoned and neglected. There is just one street lamp in the whole village”, Oscar resents.

He comes to the village in the year 2005. It is love that lead him in Bulgaria. Now he is married to a bulgarian woman and has a daughter, TV Diana Yambol reports.

But one day he became a witness to something, that left him deeply unsatisfied - the local water supply company done some construction work on his street. And instead of asphalting it and filling the potholes, they left the road in even worse condition than before.

Discontent with the negligence, Oscar decided to fill them himself. He took some leftover tiles and bricks and filled the openings.

The story though does not end here, as Oscar faced yet another challenge - the local authorities. The foreigner complained about the potholes to the mayor Roumyana Todorova. But, surprisingly, she told him: “If you don’t like it here, go home in Spain”.

Todorova said to TV Diana Yambol that she has tried several times to convince the administration of Tunja municipality that the street, on which Oscar lives, is in a very bad condition and needs to be renovated. But the clerks told her that only one street in the village will be renovated this year and it is not the one in question.

Although that Bulgaria is not his home country, the spaniard says he wants it to be well-organized. He cannot comprehend why bulgarians seem to not care about the whole situation. And explains that in Spain the villages look more like Bansko, and not Zavoi.