Tourists queue in a unique church of 15th century

  • 03 октомври 2017, 16:46
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For over a year one unique church in Melnik attracts many tourists from all the world. The "St.Paraskeva'" (St.Petka) temple, which was sanctified by the Metropolitan of Nevrokop, Seraphim, dating over 15 centuries and it was rebuild after more than 10 years. Now, people can burn candles and pray for health. The holy cave revive literally from ashes like Phoenix bird. The relics of three saints are preserved in the altar - the Reverend World Paraskeva, Saint Kliment Ohridski and St. Panteleimon.

"The church is one of the pearls in the crown of temples and monasteries in the region. Believers visit it as an Orthodox saint place, others- as a museum of faith which impresses everyone. Bulgarians are the most visitors, and greeks and russians are the most from the strangers", said Father Nikolai, who works in the our smallest city. Local people prepare to welcome hundred of guests from Bulgaria and abroad to the church's feast on October 14th. Metropolitan of Nevrokop, Seraphim is invited to lead the celebrated service in this morning. 

Rebuilding of the church started in 2004. It is located one km southeast of the populated place, on the slope of the Melnik fortress - under Despot-Slav monastery "St. Virgin Mary Spileotis "/" Saint Zona ". Businessman Jivko Litov is the foundation of the temple restoration. One of the oldest churches in Melnik has a rich history. Built in the 6th century, it was destroyed and restored in the fourteenth decade of the 13th century, at the end of the sixteenth century - the beginning of the 17th century, and in the second half of the 18th century - the beginning of the nineteenth century. It finally collapsed in the Kresna-Krupnitsa earthquake in 1904, but today it again welcomes laymen from all over the world.

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