A restaurant in the air opens in Varna in July

  • 15 юни 2017, 12:48
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Medium dinner in the sky brussels 2012

The new hit - an air restaurant, will be opened in Varna in July, novavarna.net reported. The top luxury for summer 2017 in Varna - the air restaurant, which will float over the sea in the space of the Sea Station will cost over 40 000 levs per week.

The extreme Gourmet Dinner In The Sky is an experience for all the senses, not just a simple supper in the air. Visitors will have the opportunity to try it. The concept was created in Brussels and established as one of the most exclusive gourmet experiences worldwide. Proof of the uniqueness of the service is the fact that for the ten years since the start of evenings in the air, only 450,000 guests had the opportunity to enjoy incredible views accompanied by selected beverages and gastronomic specialties.

Dinner in the sky - the Bulgarian edition, will start working within two weeks - dinners, cocktails and lunches will be organized during the high seasons of the year - July and August. The duration of each meal in the air will be between 40 - 75 minutes. Each platform will raise 22 visitors to 50 meters in the air. Apart from all this, some of the guests will also be able to enjoy live performances during the evenings in the air. The Dinner in the Sky team will also offer corporate and private events organization.