A Tech Park will be made on an island under Asparuhov bridge

  • 30 март 2017, 09:41
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Varna municipality, the state and the private business are combining resources for the development of a high-tech industrial zone under bridge Asparuhov. The zone will be built on the so-called Island at the canal sea-lake, which is supposed to become an attractive place for investments in the future. This was agreed between the Mayor Ivan Portnih and the directors of "National Company Industrial Zones" limited liability company and "Transit Trade Zone" unlimited liability company. They have signed an agreement for cooperation.

The zone itself will cover an area of about 350 acre. 220 of these are municipal property, few are public lands managed by the district administration and over 100 acres belong to the company "Transit Trade Zone", where shareholders are the state and private companies. The company has invested over 2 million leva in infrastructure under the bridge, 7 years ago there was production in that zone and 160 jobs and now there is nothing left, said its representative Julian Gendov.

The third partner - "National Company Industrial Zones", is owned by the Ministry of Economy. The company is specialized in construction and management of industrial zones and investment attraction. Upon a successful cooperation with the local authority it has created many similar areas near Sofia, Vidin, Burgas, Ruse and other cities.

According to its Executive Director Stefan Staykov the area in Varna, which is extremely close to the port, will be attractive for investors with its serious employment policy thanks to which six universities provide hundreds of highly qualified professionals each year.