A village population increases with 100 people per year

  • 27 април 2017, 07:09
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Not only Sofia is increasing its population, but also one small village near Sandanski. It is called Polenitsa, the population there was around 800 people few years ago, and currently there are 2000 people. The increase is with more than 100 people per year. "We are the only village with a natural increase, where births exceed deaths in the municipality of Sandanski. About twenty children are born every year and deaths are more or less 4-5 per year. We have so many citizens, we can easily become a city", says the Mayor Gavril Tsvetanov.

The village is only 1.3 km away from the municipality center, and this is one of the main reasons why there is such an influx of newcomers. The newly built houses are hundreds and the number is increasing thank to all those people who prefer to dump the city and live in a village. Another advantage of Polenitsa is that it is really well connected and with good infrastructure. For a year and a half, two streets have been completely renovated and with a replaced plumbing. The longest street - Saedinenie, is about to be reconstructed as well by replacing the old pipes with new and wider ones, due to the increased needs of the village and the influx of new residents.

"Citizens are attracted by the calmness and cleanliness of this village. The waste is being collected twice a week. We have four hotels here. Last year during the autumn season we have reborn the local football team, and last week we even won our first game in the “A” district group. We are also currently building a modern stadium. We are moving forward, we are developing", says the mayor who is a former fighter.

A project for the renovation of the Yane Sandanski National Community Center, which includes the town hall, is to be approved. It is important to have appropriate rehearsal conditions for amateurs - children and adults. Polenica will continue to grow thanks to the citizens who prefer to settle down in a village.