Amos Rex museum - where the old meets the new

  • 17 септември 2018, 17:02
  • Default profile Автор

Amos Rex is an art museum where past, present and future meet. As a meeting point for art and urban culture, Amos Rex will reinforce Helsinki’s status as a safely bizarre European city of culture. The museum’s exhibition program will extend from the newest, often experimental, contemporary art to 20th-century Modernism and ancient cultures.

Designed by architectural firm JKMM, the art museum’s new facility is built beneath the Lasipalatsi square and comprises 2,170 square meters of highly adaptable and technically well-equipped exhibition space. The construction of the museum began in 2016. Because the Lasipalatsi plaza is protected as a valuable piece of cultural history, the only way was to build the exhibition space underground. The goal of the new museum is to produce unique experiences and surprising encounters.

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