Authentic Roman square will be restored in Plovdiv

  • 11 април 2017, 06:12
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When the ancient square is restored, pedestrians in Plovdiv will be able to enter the historical square through the city’s main street.

The Roman square was once built in the very center of the ancient Philipopol, now it will be restored on the place of Square "Central" in the modern Plovdiv.

Five Roman columns will be raised on their pedestals, authentic flooring from the second century will be restored as well as some ruins of ancient buildings – this is how Plovdiv’s square will look, after four years of archaeological excavations. "After four years of excavations we can finally integrate it into the modern urban environment," said Mayor Ivan Totev.

A public procurement for the design was launched, after that the restoration of the western part of the Roman forum will start as well. The roman columns will be raised in Doric style. They will be built on the top of five pedestals, which are well preserved and have been found by the archaeologists near the Western propylene.

When the ancient square is restored pedestrians will be able to enter from the main street and will pass through the ancient roman forum.