Benches with solar panels in Sofia’s parks

  • 28 април 2017, 07:39
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The energy benches for relaxation and entertainment of citizens and visitors are placed in the city area of "Oborishte". They have built-in solar panels that collect energy during the day, and during the evening they spread soft light and create a cozy atmosphere. The facilities are grounded by springs, allowing the benches to swing.

The new benches are located in couple of places: Zaimov Park, Oborishte area, the children's playgrounds at Bunaya Street, Sultan Tepe Street, Kalimantsi Street, Cherkovna street and Panayot Volov street. The lovely initiative was implemented with the help of partners and sponsors.

In the area of "Oborishte" celebrations were held for the area’s holiday on 24th and 25th of April. On the 24th of April the holiday started with a procession on Yanko Sakazov Blvd and flowers to honor the monument of Vasil Levski. The procession happened under the accompaniment of the Representative Brass Band orchestra of the Army with conductor Anatoly Dimitrov. Students from the Military Academy “Paisii Hilendarski”, citizens and the team of the local administration also took part in the procession.

The festival continued with an open-air concert at the Zaimov park with a participation of the Spiritual Orchestra of the 1st English language school, the Community center called "Dr. Petar Beron " and the Cheerleaders from 1st English language school. The visitors at the park also had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful dance performances of the Fines Club of Sports Dance at the community center "Dr. Petar Beron ", the Hop Troop Dance Club and the Déjà vu Kids Ballet. Numerous workshops, open ballet lessons, folk dance lessons and sports events were held.

At the metropolitan library of Sofia, a spring exhibition of children's creativity was presented with outstanding pieces of art by students from the 1st English Language School, High school “Pencho Slaveykov”, 112th Primary School “Stoyan Zaimov”, 129 Primary School " Antim I’’ and community centers "Aleko Konstantinov 1897 "and" Tsanko Tserkovski 1946 ".