Berkovitsa Balkan Project

  • 14 август 2017, 11:40
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The sports and tourist zone is situated in the Berkovitsa part of the Balkan Mountains, at an altitude from 900 to 1940 m. There already exists an 800 meter-long piste with two stationary ski drags. The project envisages the construction of 6 cable lines. This will allow the construction of accommodation facilities in the area and near the town. The main chair lifts are set to be open /three- and four-seat/, except for lift 6 /gondola lift/. The ski pistes will offer opportunities for all categories of skiers. Each of the ski areas is provided with transport facilities and a ski piste. The total length of the ski pistes is 13 km, with options to reach 25 kmin the future. The elevation difference between top and bottom of the different pistes is from 130 m to 780 m. The average gradient of the slopes is from 16% to 35%. A snowboard piste, training roll ban, shooting range and biathlon track, meeting EU requirements for holding training camps and competitionsare planned. Helipad will be built near Shtarkovitsa.

Mineral water conduit

The mineral water conduit connects the Barzia mineral water spring (revealed by drilling No. 1) and the mineral bath in Berkovitsa town. Its total length is 8,265.23 m. Key objectives of the project for replacing the conduit are the optimal use of the mineral water by the end usersand turning itinto a well operated, monitored and controlled facility. Losses of mineral water will be reduced to a minimum and it will be delivered with the required quality and pressure. The project has all the necessary permits and statements, including anissued building permit. Funding for new conduit is provided and its development and construction is expected to start in 2017, thus giving an opportunity for development of spa tourism in the municipality.

Berkovitsa Municipality will gladly welcome all potential partners who would like to invest in tourism. The proximity to the capital and all natural resources are prerequisites for development of year-round tourism.