Blagoevgrad will have an Expo Center with a business incubator

  • 19 април 2017, 07:14
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Атанас Камбитов

The Mayor of Blagoevgrad Atanas Kambitov has told about the innovation in the municipality. He was born in Blagoevgrad on 30th of April, 1967. By profession he is a doctor. He has also a Master degree in "Business Management" from the University of National and World Economy.

- Mr. KAMBITOV what kind of innovative services the municipality is supporting and offering to the citizens and visitors?

- Blagoevgrad is a municipality which supports business ideas that create business achievements. Our efforts are concentrated on supporting economic and social development and enhancing the competitiveness in an economical way through the development of information and communication technologies and promoting software education for students. The Municipality of Blagoevgrad continues to put efforts and seek new models for the imposition of innovative initiatives. Among our priorities is the development of the IT sector in Blagoevgrad, which hopefully will become a modern European tech city.

- Do you plan to build a center which consists of companies from the IT sector?

- We can proudly say that we are confidently walking towards the realization of an Expo Center with office buildings and a business incubator, mainly due to the increased interest in the IT sector. The IT and outsourcing business recently has become a strong industry and many of the towns in our country are benefiting from the increase. This is one of the decisions of Blagoevgrad – to become an attractive place for young people, by giving them a relation to modern technology.