Burgas welcomes 10 private airplanes from Germany

  • 08 юни 2017, 09:35
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Ten private airplanes from Germany, which are currently members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), have landed at Burgas Airport.

The route, which the aircrafts are using, goes through several countries of Eastern Europe and Bulgaria is one of them.

"I am happy that they have included Burgas and the region in their route," said Desislava Simeonova, Executive Director of "Chris Air" and co-organizer of the event in Bulgaria.

All arrivals were welcomed at the Airport VIP Room.

Before coming to Bulgaria, the group has passed through Austria and Serbia. Tomorrow the guests will visit Primorsko and afterwards they will fly to Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Similar organized tours across Europe and Africa are held each year with a group of 10-15 planes that make short visits to a number of countries. Five years ago, a similar event was organized with 25 aircraft, which then landed in Varna