Burgas with a system for composting of green waste

  • 05 август 2017, 17:42
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Burgas is implementing a complex program under a regional system for collection, utilization and disposal of biodegradable waste.

"For several years now, thanks to the European funding and with the support of the Ministry of Environment, we are dealing with the ever increasing quantities of waste," said the Mayor of Burgas Municipality Dimitar Nikolov. The Municipality headed by him hosted today the discussion "For Cleaner Sea Tourism", organized by KRIB and the Portal of Bulgarian Municipalities Kmeta.bg.

For the third year now Burgas has been using a system for composting of green waste. A few months ago, the municipality received a certificate of applicability of the facility.

"At this stage, we are actively partnering with farmers and households on the territory of Burgas Municipality, as well as with all the companies working on the maintenance of the green ecosystem," Nikolov said.

He specified that for a year and a half the local government has been working on the construction of 19 mobile waste collection centers. In addition, the Municipality is awaiting project approval from the Ministry of Environment and Water for the construction of an anaerobic installation.

"We are currently studying the experience of the European countries that are applying such systems. We rely heavily on business, because through the large food chains and restaurants we will be able to organize a closed cycle for the collection, utilization and reprocessing of waste. We remain open for new proposals and pilot projects," Nikolov said.