Call for Action Planning Networks is open

  • 10 януари 2019, 09:51
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URBACT III programme just launched an open call for Action Planning Networks. The call aims to support European cities in finding common solutions to urban challenges. It is expected that 23 new Action Planning networks will be formed, bringing up to 10 partners from various countries, with the objective of sharing experience and learning.

The funded partnerships shall gather stakeholders and organisations beyond national borders, around common urban challenges, which shall ultimately lead to producing Integrated Action Plans and test their solutions in the cities.

Joining an URBACT Action Planning Network will allow your city to benefit from a structured and organised process of exchange and learning with peers across Europe. Your city can benefit from the tried and tested URBACT Method1 which uses integrated and participatory approaches to develop an Integrated Action Plan for your city.

Upcoming are informational meetings in various countries. Info days campaign 2019 starts on 11th of January.

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