Children in Dublin participate in “Planting Party”

  • 18 март 2019, 18:03
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You might well be thinking that children today are captivated by smartphones and computers and rarely care about what goes around them and of the global issues that adults can’t manage to resolve, but this is far from true at least when it comes to a group of 150 school children in Dublin. The latter took part in a very special educational and at the same time – beneficial to the environment collective activity, namely the Planting party, which consisted in planting over 1,000 native trees at Tolka Valley Park, FInglas and Eco-Golf Club, reports Dublin City.

Children from St. Malachy’s School are the latest in Dublin to join a wider international tree planting initiative. The participating group consists of three to sixth-graders which was engaged in environmental activities during the St. Patrick’s Festival, aiming to plant oak, alder, birch, holly and maple trees lining the valley in a way that these mostly native trees will prevent erosion and mitigate flooding and provide shelter for the fish who need shade to spawn. The 1,000 saplings are a donation by Coillte and are supplemented by respective native acers from the Dublin City Council stock.

The planting party lasted for several days after a presentation by Orla Farrell which leads the Easy Treesie project before the staff of St. Malachy’s School and the green schools’ committee. She underlined the importance of tree planting for offsetting carbon dioxide.

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