Children in Kaposvár have a personalized leaf on this tree

  • 01 август 2019, 10:43
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All societies cherish their new-born members in various ways and Kaposvár is no exception. Since 2002 the Hungarian city has been celebrating the birth of children by planting a new tree in the City Park. However, so many new children were born over the years that they soon ran out of space. Thus, it was necessary to come up with a new way to mark each of these happy occasions. Hence, the local authorities erected sculptures of the Tree of Life between, commissioned by sculptor Katalin Gera.

The name and date of birth of every child in Kaposvár can be written on the tree in the form of a small bronze leaf. The letters are solemnly delivered by Mayor, accompanied by a commemorative card several times a year. For the past twelve years around 5000 children have had their names written on the leaves.

Last month another ceremony took place with the participation of the Mayor Károly Szita. 95 leaves for the new-borns between November 2017 and January 2018 were collated to the Tree of life, which has already become symbolic of Kaposvar.