Clowns, a fire show and living statues in Gabrovo

  • 18 април 2017, 08:19
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The International Festival of urban art and happiness - 6Fest will be held in Gabrovo from 19th till the 21st of May 2017. Among the festival events are circus performances, fire show on stilts, light show, a performance with carnival costumes, masks and living statues, circus and carnival workshops.
Bulgarian and foreign artists like "Cirque de la Lyulin", "Kukubayan Brothers" Theo Theo Spain, Ashton Ka, Fireter, Firebird Theater will attend the festival which will take place at various locations in the center of Gabrovo.

We would like to remind that on 20th of May is the most popular event in Gabrovo – The carnival and 6Fest will simply enforce the strong humorous carnival tradition.
The organizers of the event are Association "Public Committee" Vasil Levski "- Gabrovo" and Momchil Tsonev. The project is funded by the Municipality of Gabrovo .

The idea of the festival is to be a natural extension of the carnival brand of Gabrovo and to turn the city into a festival and carnival destination. The name of the festival "6Fest" ("ShestFest") refers to the heart of Gabrovo - the neighborhood called Six division, the oldest neighborhood in the city where it was born and developed.

According to the concept idea of the festival, the area of Six division can become a center for contemporary art in open spaces.

The brand Gabrovo humor and carnival is a natural base upon which a comprehensive cultural strategy for Gabrovo as humorous, carnival and festival destination could be easily developed. Modern street art, circus, carnival techniques, fire and light performances are a natural part of the modern festivals and carnivals worldwide. This practice can be applied in Gabrovo as well by adding new events to the existing Carnival of humor.