Cyprus with interest in the competition "Mayor of the year"

  • 08 август 2017, 15:58
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Boyan Tomov, founder of the Portal of the Bulgarian Municipalities, held a meeting with the president of the Association of Cyprus Municipalities and mayor of Larnaca, Cyprus, Andreas Vyras. A focal point of their discussion was the Bulgarian project The Portal of the Bulgarian Municipalities and the launching of a similar initiative in 39 municipalities in Cyprus.

Vyras gave his congratulations to Boyan Tomov for the great initiative and the success of the “Mayor of the Year” competition in Bulgaria and welcomed the project to be initiated in Cyprus.

The establishment of a unified European platform, TheMayor.EU, to present the good practices of the European municipalities and spread them to as many cities as possible, was also discussed at the meeting.

The mayor of Larnaca confirmed that “the idea is great and it will contribute well to the European municipalities. Good practices have to be shared”.

The information platform about the Bulgarian municipalities and the “Mayor of the Year” competition is now extending beyond the Bulgarian borders and will have its first launch in Greece.

Not long ago Boyan Tomov met with Evangelos Panou, the CEO of the Association of Greek Municipalities. 

Soon the platform will be launched in Greece and all the information about local mayors and the development of the municipalities will be available to the public.