Discover the world’s deepest diving pool

  • 28 ноември 2020, 15:00
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A new location has just appeared on the world diving map – the deepest diving pool ever can already be visited and enjoyed by diving enthusiasts, novices and everyone looking for a little adventure in a socially distanced, yet physically stimulating environment. You can discover this unparalleled experience in the small Polish town of Mszczonów, some 45 minutes drive from Warsaw.

Mszczonów – the new diving destination

Mszczonów has only about 6500 inhabitants but it is certainly likely to attract many tourists in the upcoming months. The reason is that the Polish town is home to the deepest diving pool in the world – DEEPSPOT.

DEEPSPOT is 45 meters deep with 8000 cubic meters of water and is open to divers of all abilities – from first-time divers to the already-certified professionals. Furthermore, for those who are unsure to which category they belong but are curious to participate in this exciting experience, there is a separate tunnel for spectators, which gives the opportunity to watch other people dive.

deepspot tunnel spectatorsNot fond of diving? You can get out of DEEPSPOT completely dry, just go through the spectator’s tunnel

The idea of DEEPSPOT was born back in 2014 and its author is the President of the company bearing the same name. The design was implemented by Aerotunel, the owner of the Flyspot (Indoor Skydiving) venue. The construction began in earnest in 2018 and was completed just a couple of days ago.

DEEPSPOT opened doors on 21 November and officially gained the title of the deepest diving pool in the world, overpassing Deep Joy in the Italian town of Montegrotto Terme, which is 42-metres deep. DEEPSPOT has been thought out for those who have the spirit of explorers, as this is not simply one very big pool where one can learn or practice diving.

Instead, the pool was designed as a whole underwater world that goes deeper than your imagination. You can discover caves and a shipwreck at the bottom, ropes, a Freediver elevator and many more. We will give you just a hint of what awaits you there in the video below:

Discovering a new dimension of diving. Video by DEEPSPOT

Source: TheMayor.EU