Do an outdoor yoga class together with lemurs

  • 07 април 2019, 13:47
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Medium yoga lemur

What a better way to encourage people to have a go and do some sports, then invite them to an outdoor yoga class with lemurs. A hotel near the England-Scotland border, which neighbors the Lake District Wildlife Park, Bassenthwaite Lake and Skiddaw, offers outdoor “lemoga” classes. The classes form part of the hotel's “meet the wildlife” wellness experiences and aim to bust stress, cut blood pressure and make people laugh.

This is so far, the first and only place where people can try yoga class with lemurs. In fact, those animals do some form of the poses naturally (as for example that typical pose warming their bellies in the sunshine), so together with their very friendly character, lemurs become the perfect yoga buddies. It is also important to be mentioned that they are not trained or forced in any way to participate in the classes.

Lemoga classes aren’t the only way to meet animals from around the world at the Lake District Wildlife Park. There are also hour-long animal experiences - chance to get up close and personal, including Alpaca or Hawk walk, Meet the Meerkats, Lemur Encounters, become a Keeper or even adopt one of the animals. Animal feeding takes place several times daily. Younger visitors could even have the chance to handle some of the animals.

Source:, See Mor'n Travel