Drancy acquires its first electric bus

  • 28 ноември 2020, 17:00
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Medium medium electric bus drancy   front   aude lagarde

The municipality of Drancy now boasts its first fully electric bus. The mayor of the city, Aude Lagarde, tested it out as one of the first passengers on Thursday, 26 November.

The new eco-friendly vehicle makes of Drancy the first local authority in France to purchase an electric coach. The new acquisition is part of the environmental transition of the Paris suburb that has 71 000 inhabitants.

Drancy invests in sustainable transport

The electric bus was assembled in Beauvais, near Paris, by BYD France, one of the leading companies in the field of electric vehicles. The coach has a range of 200 kilometres before it needs a recharge and can carry 59 passengers. Its battery has the capacity to be recharged within a few hours.

The vehicle is accessible for persons with physical disabilities and will be put to operation in a couple of days. It will provide services, such as school, extracurricular and occasional trips, for example, to take children and associations to museums in Paris, where polluting vehicles are not accepted.

Electric bus in DrancyAude LAGARDE, Mayor of Drancy and Jean-Christophe LAGARDE, MP and Metropolitan Councillor are being shown the features of the new bus. Photo: City of Drancy

According to the municipal press release, the vehicle contributes to the environmental transition of Drancy, through sustainable mobility and the preservation of air quality. Furthermore, it will allow for important savings on maintenance, mobility and parking and will let the city offer more cultural and sports activities within the Low Emissions Metropolitan Zone of Paris.

The purchase was made possible with the financial assistance of the Metropolis of Greater Paris, which englobes Paris city proper and 130 communes. They provided 129 000 euros and the Prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis gave another 100 000 euros. Combined, this accounts for half of the vehicle’s price.

The Mayor of Drancy, Aude Lagarde said on the occasion that “Together we show the way towards more environmentally respectful activities and travel. Drancy is committed to this by converting 95% of its fleet of light vehicles to electric since 2014. Today, [the city] proves that it will not stop there.”

Source: TheMayor.EU