Dubrovnik offers Game of Thrones and History City Tours

  • 12 януари 2019, 09:11
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If you are a fan of past times, or a modern, contemporary type of person come and visit Dubrovnik. Go sightseeing and learn about its glory in ancient times, or find out the recent events that took place in the past few years and made it even more famous.

Take part in a sightseeing tour of Game of Thrones filming locations and see why HBO chose precisely Dubrovnik as a King’s Landing, while telling you the history facts about them. Filming locations from season 2 to 7 were chosen because of the natural and cultural beauties and history they carry. In order to fully satisfy your hunger for history of Dubrovnik you will be also informed about the rest of it along the way. This combined tour is a perfect 2 for 1 offer. The duration of this exiting possibility is two hours.


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