Dupnitsa to open an environmental hotline

  • 04 август 2017, 12:24
  • Default profile Автор Kmeta.bg
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The new environmental hotline in Dupnitsa will register signals for pollution and damages to the green eco-system. 0701 5 66 66 - this is the number of the so-called "green telephone".

On this number you can call with signals regarding unregulated landfills, dangerous trees, disposed construction waste, illegal extraction of aggregates and etc. All the signals will be received and registered by the administration. The Mayor's Department of Ecology should respond to the given signals from citizens and take precautions. You can also send photos or videos at eco@dupnitsa.bg email address - if the offenders are captured in action, your email will be registered as a signal. After receiving the materials, sanctions will be used against the offenders.

Other signals such as: damaging municipal property will be accepted on the emergency telephone number - 0701/5 92 59. Around 30 CCTV cameras at the central city areas, gardens, parks and lively crossings are also "hunting" for offenders violating the public order. Some of the CCTV cameras are directly connected to the city police office.