Efficient Renewal Plan of the Mobile Park – the new green plan of Castilla-La Mancha

  • 29 декември 2018, 14:46
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A purchase of a new fleet of green vehicles for administrative activities and new solar roofs for government buildings will be funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the government. The plan is called Efficient Renewal Plan of the Mobile Park and it aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

141 green vehicles will replace 20% of the current fleet, at a cost of 2.2 million Euros. The new vehicles will consist of 42 petrol-LPG and 15 petrol-electric hybrids, and will be used for general services, health, social services, technical services and the agriculture department. This is expected to lead to annual savings of over 75 000 Euros for the government of Castilla-La Mancha. Additionally, solar panelling is planned for over 600 government buildings, leading to potential public spending savings of over 150 million Euros.

Source: ec.europa.eu, Facebook / Turismo Castilla-La Mancha

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