European funding boosts cycling infrastructure in Izola

  • 30 октомври 2020, 09:30
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The cycling infrastructure in Izola, a town of 11 thousand inhabitants in Southwestern Slovenia situated on the Adriatic coast, is set for a major upgrade. As the Slovenian government announced on Monday, a significant portion of the funding for new routes and connections approaching 2 million euros comes from the European Union through its Cohesion policy.

Cohesion funds for the benefit of bicycle riders in Izola

The Municipality of Izola, together with the Public Institution for The Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Development Projects (IZP Izola) are about to start the implementation of an important infrastructure project. It will bring about great improvements and new additions to the town’s cycling network.

The total among of the project is almost 1,9 million euros, 763,000 provided by the European Regional Development Fund – a key instrument for the economic and social inclusion of the EU regions. The project involves the implementation of the Cycling Routes project with public lighting and other infrastructure.

The implementation should infold in three stages. First, the arrangement of the section of the former coastal road from Jadranka Autocamp to the border with the Municipality of Koper is currently underway and should be completed by the end of the year.

The second phase involves the arrangement of infrastructure on the South road, which will be completed by March 2021. In the final phase, the Parenzana tunnel section will be arranged, presumably by May of the second project year.

With the project, the municipality of Izola wants to promote the use of sustainable forms of transport, by creating better conditions for cyclists. The objective of the project is to promote multimodal urban mobility by providing well-maintained cycle paths in the town of Izola.

Source: TheMayor.EU