Experience a reggae festival nestled between two Slovenian rivers

  • 14 август 2019, 10:59
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The Overjam International Reggae Festival is coming up in Slovenia in the next few days. Nestled between the rivers Tolminka and Soca in Slovenia, this fascinating event will allow attendees to experience something truly different. Despite what the name implies, the reggae festival will not focus solely on this traditional Jamaican genre of music. Visitors will be able to hear all sorts of performers including artists performing drum n bass, ska, dancehall and dub. You can find the line-up, full of stars in their respective genres over at this link.

The event will take place between 15 and 18 August and will last throughout the whole days. Attendees will be greeted by all sorts of other activities, including workshops, performances, DJs and different kinds of food and drink. Children’s activities are also planned for the families which are eager to attend.

What’s special about the event is that people who are planning to attend are encouraged to camp on the festival’s grounds. The organisers are renting out tents, although camping itself is free of charge and you can bring your own. Tickets for the event – either for a single day or for the whole of the event. You can buy your tickets over at the festival’s website.