Experience the wonders of trams in Tampere

  • 22 февруари 2019, 16:14
  • Default profile Автор Kmeta.bg
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Inhabitants and visitors of the city of Tampere can experience the wonders of trams this week. The prototype tram will be displayed in the city’s main concert hall. The city plans to host the country's first modern light rail system outside Helsinki when its new tram network opens in 2021. The project will cost 330 million euro. The aim is to reduce car usage.  

The tram model has been christened “Maketti” and is just under half the length of a full tram at 16.8 metres. It’s situated next to a ramp simulating a platform, and everything from the drivers’ cab to the seats is as close to the final model as possible. The exhibition is available to view until Tuesday 26 February, from 2pm-6pm on Thursday and Friday and 10am-7pm on the other days.