Facades of Burgas' s buildings become movie screens

  • 13 юни 2017, 10:11
  • Default profile Автор Мария Димитрова
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The facades of several Burgas buildings will be transformed into movie screens. In three of the most populated complexes in the city will be shown special selection of short movies of Burgas Municipality.

The facades of Block 51 in “Meden rudnik”, Block 62 in “Slaveikov” and Kindergarten “Zdravets” in “Izgrev” will be turned into cinema screens. The screenings will start at 21:00.

This week the city’s Burgas area will once again become in scene for innovative art. Meeting the modern interactive culture will remove all borders between artists and audience. They will live together through the adventure, called “Include the city”. Interactive art installations, performances, creatives workshops, concerts, cinema and exhibitions will please the citizens of Burgas and guests of the city.