France plans lifting restrictions in 3 steps

  • 25 ноември 2020, 11:30
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After one month in lockdown and observing a decrease in infection rates, France is now ready for the progressive lifting of coronavirus restrictions. In an open address to the French people on 24 November, President Emanuel Macron informed that the peak of the second wave has passed and presented a lockdown exit plan in three stages, starting from this Saturday. According to it, if certain conditions are met, the lockdown can be lifted on 15 December.

A systematised approach to alleviating coronavirus restrictions in France

The first stage of the plan begins on 28 November and is characterised by an adaptation of the lockdown. It previews the following:

  • Authorization of physical activities and walks within a radius of 20 kilometres and for a maximum duration of three hours;

  • Authorization of extra-curricular outdoor activities;

  • reopening of shops and home services until 9:00 p.m;.

  • Maintaining the certificate authorization system for leaving one's home.

This first stage will take place regardless of the pandemic situation and is likely to last until 15 December when the second stage will begin. On this date the lockdown might be lifted, should there be less than 5000 daily infections. It should work as follows:

  • End of certificates and authorization of travel between regions.

  • Implementing a curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m (not valid for December 24 and 31);

  • Reopening of cinemas, theatres and museums;

  • Resumption of indoor extra-curricular activities;

  • Prohibition of public gatherings.

Finally, the third stage is also conditional upon the sanitary conditions and might begin on 20 January. It previews the opening of restaurants and sports halls and the resumption of face-to-face classes in high schools. Universities might follow suit 15 days later and ski resorts might also reopen in January.

Praising the collective efforts of the healthcare personnel and the citizens, the President also announced that it is now time to pay attention to the other challenges the country is facing. Among them are the long-term consequences of COVID-19 including domestic violence and psychological problems.

Source: TheMayor.EU