From a rural pier to a touristic paradise

  • 11 август 2017, 10:51
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A pier nearby the village of Ostrov, Oryahovo area, will be transformed into a paradise for tourists. The small village near Danube River has gathered on its coast the culinary masters from the whole region for ​​a big fish festival, few days ago. The place is popular with its beautiful panoramic view and coolness during the hot summer days. The mayor of the village, in order to improve it even more, has started work on an approved eco project entitled "Clean environment - nature, health and sports in the village of Ostrov". The project is financed under PUDOOS.

The approved funding will include playgrounds, benches, areas for relax and bins. The park area will be afforested with evergreen shrubs.

“Our idea is to make the village's pier an attractive place for different groups of people, where we can continue the annual celebration of the already established Fish and Fishermen Festival  as well as the reception of the International Regatta on the Danube river- TID, which this year will be held on August 17th” . “Conservation of nature is our duty! ", said Irena Stankulova, mayor of Ostrov.