Manchester Art Gallery goes digital

  • 08 април 2020, 16:34
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Ever since 1823 the Manchester Art Gallery has been a cornerstone of cultural and educational life in the city and local authorities are not planning to put on an end to that just because of the ongoing pandemic. That is why the Gallery is ready to adapt to the crisis and is ready to go digital in order to provide citizens with a glimpse of cultural life that they sorely need in these trying times.

After the United Kingdom and its cities began imposing stricter and stricter conditions, many venues around the country were forced to close down and bar visitors from entering. The Manchester Art Gallery was no exception. Yet its personnel have been working tirelessly in order to prepare for the venue’s digital debut.

Moving with the times

Over the next few weeks, the Manchester Art Gallery will transition all of its previously scheduled events online. That way, families and citizens will be able to enjoy all that the Gallery has to offer from the comforts of their own homes without breaking with the need for social isolation.

For example, the Philosophy Café, Art Bites and the well-being programme hosted by the Manchester Art Gallery will be live-streamed entirely on Facebook Live and Zoom. There, people will also be able to find features on new art pieces and collections and will be able to marvel at them without ever leaving the house.

The Gallery’s education team will also be going digital, thus ensuring that children continue on with their previously scheduled appointments. The team will provide practical exercises, art and health sessions to all who have been forced into home-schooling.

And while it is unfortunate that many of the exhibitions that were meant to be unveiled over the last few days have been delayed, the team of the Manchester Art Gallery is certain that they will be made available online as soon as possible.