Mayor and bishop are planning religious lectures in schools

  • 23 май 2017, 08:45
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Metropolitan bishop Gregory of Vratsa and Mayor Kalin Kamenov have met with the directors of schools within the municipality to discuss opportunities for discussions in schools on religion topics, morality, values ​​and their application in the modern society.

"Such a meeting is extremely important because it concerns the future of Vratsa - the young people. I support His Eminence Metropolitan bishop Gregory in his striving for the organization of educational lectures to familiarize students with both the essence of religion and the philosophical dimensions of morality. I believe that through open lessons and innovative approaches by the bishopric, we can achieve a beneficial effect on the upbringing and development of adolescents. I want all of us to work actively in this direction in order to be useful for both parents and the children in our city. Today's meeting is a good example of the unification of secular and spiritual in the name of the young generation, "said the mayor at the beginning of the conversation.

Metropolitan bishop Gregory thanked the directors for their positive response and readiness to work for the future of the young people in the city.

"Our goal is to carry out various educational initiatives that are easy of access to the pupils and, above all, interesting to them. We live in a time of challenges and right now the role of the church is very important - to teach the adolescents about the history of religion and to discuss morality and values. One of my suggestions to you, honorable directors, is to make a general opening of the new school year with a prayer, "said Vratsa's bishop.

The directors have liked the presented idea and have shared specific ideas for the success of the initiative.