Midsummer celebration for Enyovden leads guests in the village of Delchevo

  • 14 юни 2017, 10:57
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The picturesque village of Delchevo, famous for its 200-years-old houses, will organize this year the traditional summer festival "Enyovden sacrament" with the help of the municipality of Gotse Delchev. The event will take place on 23rd and 24th June / Friday and Saturday /.

The program for the first day - Friday will begin at 17.00 with a cycling race. It starts from the town and the finish line is at the village of Delchevo, the route is almost 9 km long. Later on, people of all ages will be able to join an adventurous walk along the paths around the village where they can pick up herbs and flowers. Young girls will participate in the Silence Water ritual in the Valchova Tumba area. They will pour water from three different springs.

During the ritual, the girls should be silent. The water is poured in a bowl full of herbs. The idea is that the clear water will absorb the energy of the stars and the pure thoughts of the girls. Later on, a straw man will be made under the accompaniment of music and dancing. Local people and guests will welcome the sun on Saturday morning.

At 05:00 o’clock, a torchlight procession will pass through the village and the forest. At the Valchova Tumba area the straw man will be burned so the evil can be destroyed. The feast will continue with picking herbs and rolling in the dewy grass. There will be a competition for the most beautiful Enyov Wreath. In the center of the village a workshop "Making Enyov Wreaths" will be opened.

This year, the Enyov’s Bride will send her blessings, and everyone who wants will be able to walk through the big Enyow Wreath for health and luck. There will be another workshop on pottery in Delchevo. The guests will learn some magical secrets about the herbs; they will be acquainted with the interesting recipes of delicious dishes prepared by the students of the "Peyo Yavorov" High School. A special guest at the festival this year will be the top chef - LEO Bianchi. He will cook delicious Italian specialties with many herbs.

This year as well at the main square, in the pretty village, there will be a charity bazaar "Herbs for light and taste", where everyone can buy a herb, and the money collected will support women with ontological diseases from Gotse Delchev and the region.

The Dance formation "Nevrokopchanche", led by Kostadin Gjorgov and Daniela Georgieva, will permorm. The special participation of the singer Dara is the surprise for all lovers of contemporary Bulgarian music. The concert of the popular singer and participant in the X Factor starts at 19:00 at the square in the village of Delchevo.