Montana will make parts for a rocket engine

  • 21 юни 2017, 10:15
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Montana will produce a fuselage for a rocket engine, which is a mechatronic product. This was announced by “Emco”, a company which works at the place of the former Pima military plant. The project was presented and it will be completed for 18 months.

It has become clear that this is a project of utmost importance for the technological development of the company, it is a world innovation. Its value is 2.8 million BGN, 1.4 million BGN "Emco" receives from the EU through the "Innovations and Competitiveness" program 2014-2020 under the procedure "Support for the implementation of innovations in enterprises". The rest of the amount is collected by own funding.

The regular production of the fuselage requires the acquisition of new equipment and devices. Among them is a press of 500 tons. The specialized machine can provide sufficient power for a rotary drawing which is geometry related to the dimensions of the desired detail.