More than 26 million levs are invested in the pier of Rousse

  • 27 юни 2017, 10:43
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Over 26 million levs will be invested in the Rousse Pier, which will be completely transformed. This was stated by the Mayor Plamen Stoilov during a press conference today. The briefing was dedicated to the launch of the Danube River Development Project for Better Connectivity of the Euro region Ruse - Giurgiu with Pan-European Transport Corridor №7. The meeting with the media was attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of Giurgiu - Nikolai Barbu, the Deputy Mayor of Territory Development and Project Manager - eng. Dimitar Nakov, the Deputy Mayor of European Development - Dr. Strahil Karapchanski, the Chief Architect of Ruse Municipality - Zhivka Buchukovska , the Director of European Projects Directorate in Giurgiu Municipality - Yanka Mekka, the Project Coordinator - Mirela Popazu and other representatives of the teams.

"This is one of the most significant projects for Ruse and Giurgiu, which will transform the image of the coastal zones. I am convinced that with its realization we will achieve good results, turning the pier into an attractive destination for tourists and a favorite place for the citizens of Rousse, "Stoilov said.

The mayor of Giurgiu thanked for the excellent work of the team and expressed confidence that with the implementation of the project, the two cities will continue their good cooperation. Eng. Dimitar Nakov presented the general information about the program, the main activities and the technical investment project with visualizations.

The project is implemented under the "INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria" 2014-2020 Program, Priority Axis 1, Specific Objective 1.2 "Increasing the Safety of Transport on the Waterways and Maritime Roads" and has duration of 30 months. It is a complex of activities aimed at ensuring safe transport by improving the waterways of the Danube. The activities are related to the construction of a pier by the Municipality of Giurgiu and the development of the area around the St. George channel in order to improve the connection with the pan-European corridor for water transport. The Rousse Municipality will rehabilitate the quayside walls of the Rousse- Passenger’s Terminal and will improve the navigation conditions of three ship sites, allowing large passenger ships to land on a 480-meter stretch year-round.

The total cost of the project for the two partners is 14,369,162.39. BGN. The grant for the Municipality of Rousse is at the amount of 9,002,979.49 BGN and the municipal contribution is 180,059.57 BGN.

The large-scale project is part of the local policies of the Rousse and Giurgiu Municipalities aimed at improving the safety of the Lower Danube navigation. The implementation of the project is expected to improve the inland waterway between the two cities and to create conditions for a well-connected region with the European Union and Asia.

With this project, the Municipality of Ruse successfully continues the activities of the complete transformation of the coast of the city. Under the Operational Program Regions for Growth 2014-2020, funding for two major projects - "Integrated urban transport system of the city of Ruse - 2 stage" and "Reconstruction and rehabilitation of pedestrian environment and construction of areas for public recreation ". Thus, the total investment with EU funding in the coastal zone amounts to nearly 26 million BGN