Muslim builds second Christian temple

  • 21 април 2017, 07:39
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A Muslim man builds a second church in Burgas, reports BNR. A few years ago, the construction businessman Turhut Ismail has built a Christian temple together with people who share the same views. They have collected donations for the southern village of Dubovitsa. Currently, Turhut Ismail is renovating a church in the village of Iskra, near Karnobat.

The temple in Iskra, which is the birthplace of the businessman, has been in terrible condition for years. Turgut Ismail wants to revive the life in the small village. Therefore, he applied and won an European project to restore the temple. It is already under construction.

“With one church, in one village the level is raising a lot. The mayor of the municipality has promised us that the whole street - from the center to the church - will be renovated. The village itself will become a bit more attractive, "says Ismail.

Here is what the Muslim man Ismail tells about his motives for renovating Christian temples: "No matter if it is a church, a mosque or a synagogue ... It is a temple. All religions teach people how to be better. At the moment, our village needs a church - so we will have a church. "

The reconstruction is expected to be completed this year, but the official opening of the temple is planned for the 24th of May next year.