People from all over Italy will draw Verona

  • 06 септември 2019, 16:47
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Verona Municipality has announced that it is preparing to host the first open-air painting competition "The Art tells the Neighborhoods", where the artists will draw taking inspiration from panoramas, hidden corners or moments of daily life in the city. The event is organized by the Municipality to promote art among citizens and give them the opportunity to put their painting skills to the test, report TheMayor.EU.

Tomorrow, Saturday 7th September, 97 artists will take up positions in some of the most evocative places in the city to give life to their work. Throughout the day Verona will become a painting studio where artists will work under the eyes of passers-by. The youngest participant is 18 years old and the oldest one is already in their 90s. Only 50% of the participants are from Verona while the other half comes from all over Italy, from Cagliari, Isernia, Como, Ferrara and Trento. All of them will meet tomorrow at 9 in Piazza Bra and will then go over to the location chosen as a venue. Everyone will have time until 5pm, after which the canvases will have to be brought to the church of San Pietro Incarnario to be examined by a special jury. At 18:30 the winners of the competition will be announced in the church and, at the same time, the exhibition containing all the works of art created during the day will be unveiled. The exhibition will remain on display until 11 September with free entry.