Plovdiv Has a Unique Opportunity to Attract Chinese Investment

  • 22 юни 2017, 11:20
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For the last couple of years, Plovdiv is referred to as the Chinese Wall of Europe. Furthermore, it is possible that the new Silk road will pass through it. The reason why is the close collaboration between the Bulgarian and the Chinese business. Series of forums for possible Chinese investments have been launched. Firstly, a couple of projects will be started potentially in the real estate sector, such as industrial parks, logistics centers, warehouses and retail spaces. There are possibilities for Asian financial investments at the Trakia Economic Zone which is surrounding the city. Chinese themselves determine Plovdiv as an attractive place for their investments. The city can become the capital of the Chinese business in Bulgaria and this is because it has an excellent transport infrastructure - highways, modern railways and an international airport, which supports the process of industrialization of the region. In the last few years, due to its strategic location, the district has become a preferred place for many foreign investments. It has a potential for establishment and development of small and medium enterprises. Foreign entrepreneurs have shown interest in Trakia Economic Zone, which is in top 3 of the most popular zones for investment in Southeast Europe.

The prognosis of the experts at the economic sector are that in the next few years the perspective is in investing in the industry because the production forms 50 % of the GPD of the region in automotive industry and tourism. Currently, the municipal authorities negotiate with 10 new potential investors.