Priest and imam have blessed the new main street in Belitsa

  • 01 юни 2017, 13:05
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A priest and imam have blessed the renovated new street in the town of Belitsa. The local priest, Father Nikolay Popov, has blessed the road with holy water for health, prosperity and trouble-free travel. The Imam of Belitsa - Ahmed Gorelski, have read a prayer (dua) for the health and well-being of the population in the municipality and for all people passing through the main road.

There was a sacrifice made by the Imam Khalil Salih from the village of Kraishte, to sanctify the path and to wish health for all the people. The meat from the sacrificed animal will be given to the people in need.

After nearly 40 years Belitsa residents finally saw the repaired and asphalted main roads in the small mountain town. Mayor Radoslav Revany cut the strip on the longest street "Dimo Hadjidimov", which is now completely renovated.

The mayor congratulated the citizens and the guests attending the official ceremony. He said that thanks to the municipal councilors and the team in the municipal administration this long-awaited project for the renovation of important streets in the city was realized. The event was attended by municipal councilors, deputy mayors, and employees of the municipal administration, teachers, cultural workers, citizens and guests of Belitsa.

Over 600 000 leva have been invested in the renovation of streets in the city, the funds are from the municipality's capital program.