Recycling workshops for Barakaldo families will be offered this month

  • 02 декември 2020, 18:30
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Tomorrow will see the start of the December activities programme that is on offer at the Ramón Rubial Botanical Garden in the Basque city of Barakaldo. The municipal website has informed that there will be a practical component that is aimed at families and it concerns the issue of proper recycling. This time, however, it has been considered that the best way to drive home the message would be through some hands-on, fun and engaging experience that can be provided through the format of a workshop.

Getting out of the throwaway culture mindset

The first such workshop, which will take place tomorrow at 5:00 pm is called ‘Something beautiful, something practical’ and it will be taught in Basque. A week later, on 10 December, the same workshop will also be held in Spanish.

The next workshop, which will also be held at the Natur Gela (or the Nature Classroom, which is a specially designed building where sustainability can be taught) at the Botanical Garden, will be called ‘Natural ornaments’. This design-minded activity will likewise be offered in two different days, 15 and 17 December at 5:00 pm, in Basque and Spanish, respectively.

"In this administration we are firmly betting on the circular economy to fight climate change. Reusing materials or giving an object a second use allows us not to be continuously depleting natural resources or polluting in order to manufacture any product.

The workshops of the Natur Gela seek to sensitize and involve the people of Barakaldo in this important issue, which is directly linked to the future of our planet," said Alba Delgado, Councillor for Sustainable Development in the city.

Later on, around the Christmas season, more workshops are planned for the families, and for these ones, it is required that there will be at least one adult for every three minors present. ‘Animals with natural elements’ is scheduled for 21 December at 11:30 am and for 22 December at 5:00 pm.

The last workshop, which will take place on 28 December, will give the opportunity to participants to create nesting boxes for birds out of sustainable materials. This one is scheduled for 5:00 pm.

Families who are interested in taking part in the above workshop should go in person to Natur Gela or register by calling 695 748 832.

Source: TheMayor.EU