"Rock Fest Kardzhali" has been restored

  • 03 април 2017, 06:00
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After a two year break some enthusiasts have restored "Rock Fest Kardzhali." Six groups, including "Horizon", "Atlas" and "Kef Band" have been invited.

"The idea is, in the next few years, groups from abroad to join the Bulgarian bands," said George BARUTCHIEV the event organizer. This year's edition will be held on the 31st of March and the 1st of April. The musical event is organized with the support of the municipality and local businesses so the fans could meet their favorite artists.

Barutchiev has emphasized that rock fans in Kardzhali are mostly young people, which is largely thanks to the jazz legend Nikolay Stanev - Coco, a creator of several local youth rock bands. In his memory the community center "Obedinenie" in Kardzhali has organized the National Festival "Coco Rock Fest" for youth groups across the country.