Samokov - spirit and traditions in four seasons

  • 08 август 2017, 12:20
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Samokov is an alpine town with a contemporary appearance, combining in its development the rich historical heritage, culture, sports spirit and the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding nature. Build on the ruins of an ancient settlement, its origin dates back to the early 15th century. The town achieved economic boom in 17-19th century, due to the extraction of iron in the famous smeltery, called Samokovo. The Samokovo gave the name of the town, which remains unchanged nowadays.

One of the biggest companies in the fields of innovative electronics, food and diary industries, production of potatoes, wood industry, incl. production of pellets are situated in Samokov. In 2016 the first in Europe Coho farm for breeding salmon was officially opened in the region of Samokov.

The region is an attractive tourist destination that welcomes visitors throughout the whole year. The first resort on the Balkans - Borovets, which officially celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2016, is only 10 km away from Samokov. Borovets offers a vast opportunities for practicing all kinds of snow sports, combined with a high quality service, modern facilities and equipment.

The coolness and freshness of the summer and the quietness of the century old forest of the Rila Mountains provide the perfect conditions for relaxation in spring and summer. There are numerous eco and mountain trails on the territory of Samokov Municipality while the great part of the mountain is included in the territory of Rila National Park with its unique flora and fauna species. People, who love Safari and hunting, may enjoy the hunting reserve services in the region. Two artificial lakes - Iskar and the one near Alino village are perfect for fishing, water sports, beach activities and camping. The surrounding parks are ideal for picnics and chill out.

Samokov villages have preserved their originality, authentic appearance and features, specific for the life, culture and traditions of each village. Visitors can travel in time and go back to the Bulgarian roots with authentic folklore - songs, costumes, unique traditional dishes, and get familiar with different customs. The tranquility of the mountain is in harmony with the cozy home comfort and charm that can be found in the village guesthouses of the region.

The thermal waters in Belchin village and Belchin Banya resort contribute to the development of spa and health tourism in the region. The waters have proven therapeutic and prophylactic qualities and positive effects on the locomotor system and in the treatment of skin dermatitis. The territory has three swimming pools and special spa facilities.

The rich sports and cultural calendar, the numerous sports events and traditional local festivals with national and international significance create variety of experience for locals and visitors throughout the year.

Sports and tourism make a perfect match in Samokov. The town has excellent sports facilities, multipurpose sports hall with the possibility of practicing 26 different sports and a hotel attached to it, stadium, motor range, roll ban, shooting area. The municipality has outdoor tennis courts and football and mini football stadiums. There are several horse riding bases in the region. There are good conditions for extreme sports, such as mountain climbing, hang gliding, paragliding and many more. For the fans of mountain biking, Borovets Mountain Bike Park offers over 20 km of marked trails. Rope garden and ice rink offer an additional entertainment for all.

Deserved recognition and a sign of the development of the region and the efforts of the municipal governmen tare the excellence marks the Mayor of Samokov Municipality Vladimir Georgiev was awarded, i.e. Mayor of the Year in Sofia District - 2012. In 2015 he was awarded Mayor of the Month in the Development and Recreation category and in August 2016 received the prize for Mayor of the Month in the Investment in Infrastructure category, Parks and Urban Environment.

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