Smolyan municipality - attractive destination for tourism and business investments

  • 05 август 2017, 14:35
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Smolyan - beautiful scenery, breath-taking panoramic views, wonderful rock formations, numerous waterfalls, rivers and lakes, preserved priceless tangible and intangible heritage of history and culture, customs and traditions of the Rhodope Mountains. That is why the tourism is a main economic sector in the municipality and the region is attractive for tourists at any time of the year.

The municipality consists of 86 settlements - Smolyan and 85 villages. It includes part of Pamporovo National Resort - famous for its mild climate, many sunny days and thick snow cover. The ski pistes of varying difficulty are suitable for experienced and beginner skiers. In 2016, Pamporovo merged with Mechi ChalSki Area and there is a potential for development of the ski area around Perelik Peak, thus turning the area into a modern ski park on a global level.

In recent years, various tourist attractions have been developed. Main sites of cultural tourism in Smolyan Municipality are: Regional History Museum, Planetarium, Art Gallery,St. Vissarion Smolenski Church, Alibeev Town Hall, built in the XVIII-XIX c., the late ancient and medieval fortresses in Smolyan town and Koshnitsa village, Momchil Fortress with audio-visual showр and more. Smolyan is a sought after destination among people who love of rural tourism - an opportunity for people from big cities to leave the urbanization of the city, come close to Nature and return to their roots, through observation, or participation in various events organized by the hosts. The eco-trails and hiking trails, protected areas and reserves, caves, diverse flora and fauna of Smolyan attract eco-tourists in the area.

The Rhodope Drama Theatre situated in Smolyan, the cinema, the sports infrastructure - 2 stadiums, sports hall, swimming pool, multipurpose playground altogether provide a favourable and attractive living environment. In Smolyan are situated branches of Plovdiv and Varna Universities, and the Technical College of Plovdiv University trains specialists in mechanical engineering, automotive and electro energy equipment, computer and telecommunication systems and telematics.

Smolyan Municipality is experiencing serious challenges in terms of economic development, because of the impact of factors such as border mountainous geography. At the same time Smolyan Municipality is an important commercial and tourist center and takes a leading position in the economy of the area. Here are concentrated over 80% of the economic potential and realized more than 2/3 of the revenues of the region. Leading sector in the local economy are services (51%), followed by industry (40%) and agricultural sector - 9%.

As far as industry is concerned, in Smolyan Municipality are developed: tools manufacturing, high polymer products and outdoor furniture; production of cables and wires; engineering; textile and clothing industry; logging and wood processing; construction; transport; food industry and others.

Тhe altitude, the specific soils, the favourable climate conditions contribute to the cultivation of organic and rare crops that grow only in this area. The mountain farming, organic farming and alternative crops such as wild herbs, berries, mushrooms,etc. all have development potential.

The telecommunication services in Smolyan Municipality are on very good level and in line with the contemporary requirements, as 100 percent of the phone lines are digitalized and the national mobile operators provide coverage of over 80% of the territory. The town has high speed optic internet connection distributed by several alternative sources and more than half of the settlements in the municipality have quick and reliable Internet connection.

The qualitative telecommunications provision in the municipality offers excellent conditions for specialists in the field of informatics and communication, design, computer design, software engineering, outsourcing, and others to practice their professions, reaching its customers through the global network while living in the Rhodopes peaceful atmosphere.

The opportunities for investments in Smolyan Municipality are big. Not only does the local government provide excellent conditions, but it is also ready to assist entrepreneurs wishing to invest here.

Smolyan offers wonderful opportunities for recreation, but also for business investment, competitive not only in the country, but also beyond its borders.