Sofia Airport with an electric shuttle

  • 09 август 2017, 12:24
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Medium bus 02

From now on, an electric bus will transfer passengers between the two terminals of the metropolitan airport. The electric bus will replace the diesel transport and it will be free of charge. Besides being ecological (it does not emit carbon dioxide), its use will lead to a significant reduction maintenance costs.

The electric bus is for 65 passengers, with 26 seats. There are 3 folding seats and a separate wheelchair attachment. It has a drop ramp suitable for elders and disabled passengers.

Sofia Airport is the first Bulgarian airport to use an electric bus to transport its passengers. It is the only one in Bulgaria certified under the Carbon Accreditation Carbon Reduction Program of the international organization at ACI EUROPE airports. From April 2016, the metropolitan airport has a Mapping certificate that shows the amount of carbon emissions from its activity. The procedure for reaching the next level of "Reduction" is in progress, which is a proof of Sofia's sustained commitment to environmental protection, leading to a reduction in financial costs.