Split-Sibenik-Zadar ferry connection returns after 120 years

  • 30 декември 2018, 12:42
  • Default profile Автор Kmeta.bg
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The return of a Dalmatian ferry line is set to return after 120 years. Along with current fast ferry connections from Split to Brač, Hvar, Korčula, Mljet and Dubrovnik, in 2019 new lines to Šibenik and Zadar are set to be introduced. 

Šibenik firm is set to launch fast ferry connections from Split to Šibenik and Zadar. The Split to Šibenik and Zadar service is planned to commence on 1 April 2019 and operate until 31 October 2019. The boat will leave from Split for Šibenik at 9 am before leaving Šibenik at 10:35 and arriving in Zadar at 12:40. The boat will then leave Zadar for Šibenik at 5:30 pm and from Šibenik to Split at 7:35 pm. It is expected to arrive in Split at 9:10 pm. Tickets from Split to Zadar, or from Zadar to Split, will cost 158 kuna, whilst Split-Šibenik, or Šibenik-Split, will cost 110 kuna. It will be the first time in 120 years that the Split-Šibenik-Zadar line will operate.

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