Street artists painted "The hole" in Varna

  • 07 август 2017, 13:05
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The еxcavation for trade store, which has been in the center of Varna for years and it is known as "The hole", is now more welcoming and intriguing. During the last days it has become in art workshop of art artists from Europe. They made it more beautiful with unique paintings. 

Artists from Germany, Serbia, Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria were part of final event of the project "Street ahead" on "Alternative space", which is financed by "Varna-the youth european capital". The aim of the project, which debut was on 6th of june, is to support and inspire the talented young people in street art area and to angage them to contunie to change the gray urban atmosphere  by educating a sense of aesthetics.

The project involved many lectures and practical workshops on street art, which were leading by famous and proven artists, in front of 20 young people in alternative space Hale 3. Despite the paintings which will stay to beautify "The hole", the project intend to open a exhibition outdoor with creations of young people. After that the creations will be selling on a charity auction.