Students created a GSM game "Explorers" for Shumen

  • 02 юни 2017, 07:55
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An interactive game was created by students from "Sava Dobroplodni" High School, Gabriel Atanasov, Radostin Emanuilov and their teacher Angel Angelov. Through this game you can explore the history of Shumen and the monument "Creators of the Bulgarian State".

The game is called "Explorers," it's for mobile phones and it is available through the 1300 years Bulgaria app at Google Play.

The authors gave today details for the game at a press conference at the municipality together with the director of the Municipal Tourism Enterprise - Vanya Stoyanova.

During the game by finding QR codes you will be able to learn facts about Shumen, the monument "Creators of the Bulgarian State" and others.

"In the area of ​​the Monument and the stairs around it, there are 10 QR codes. They are located in accessible places. Players must find all 10 codes in a random order and scan them. They should receive a message for successfully scanned code. Once the ten codes have been gathered, the participants have to answer a question which is randomly loaded. If the answer is correct, the participant receives a prize, "explains the principle Angel Angelov.