Tallinn hosts competition for best businesses and entrepreneurs

  • 24 август 2019, 11:04
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The Tallinn Business Day is on the horizon and the time has come for the 16th annual business competition, hosted by the city. The local administration wants to recognize the efforts and successes of local businesses and entrepreneurs and how they improve the social and business climate in the Estonian capital. This year’s theme is called “Dare to think, Dare to do it” and aims to bring attention to the ways participants are approaching the issues of the future.

As is tradition, the competition will be held in October. Participants can submit their applications in the following categories:

Best business

Best tourism-friendly real estate development project

Best business-to-business partnership

Best start-up

Best tourism business

Best job creating business

Most responsible business

For the first time ever, this year there will also be a prize for the Best future solution.

In each category three nominees will be selected, of which one winner will emerge. The award ceremony will be held on Tallinn Business Day, 9 October. If you’re eager to take part in the competition, there is still time to submit your application. The deadline is 10 September.