The sky above Varna will be filled with kites

  • 02 август 2017, 15:03
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For the fifth consecutive year, the "Kite Festival" will delight the residents and guests of our sea capital - Varna. On the 12th and 13th of August the beach of Asparuhovo will offer all sorts of attractions for all ages, and the sky above it will be filled with kites varied in shape and color.

During the festival special art workshops will offer you to make or decorate your own kite. Then you can participate with it in a number of entertaining competitions or a contest for the best kite.

The cultural event is relatively innovative and very interesting. The mission of the Kite Festival is to contribute to the identity of Varna and to create a sense of belonging to the local community. It aims to encourage the inclusion of different groups, to encourage love for flying and proper attitude towards the environmental protection.

The Asto-Air Wonders Club, the Association for Wildlife Conservation and the Culture Fund of the Municipality of Varna have been the main contributors to the organization of the festival over the years.